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 Fury warrior talent points

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PostSubject: Fury warrior talent points   Sun Nov 26, 2006 6:01 am

a lot of people was asking lately how to build a good dps warrior
this build is very effective with raising strength and agility and of course % of critical strike

Fury DPS Spec:

Arms 14 points
Deflection 5/5
Tactical Mastery 4/5
Improved Overpower 2/2

Fury 37 points
Cruelty 5/5
Unbridled Wrath 5/5
Piercing Howl 5/5
Imp Battle Shout 5/5
Dual Wield Specialization 5/5
Enrage 5/5
Death Wish 1/1
Improved Intercept 2/2
Improved Berserker Rage 2/2
Flurry 5/5
Bloodthirst 1/1
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Fury warrior talent points
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