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 Horde's Golden Guards Rules

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PostSubject: Horde's Golden Guards Rules   Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:47 am

Welcome to Horde's Golden Guards.We are a mainly PvE guild doing end game instances but always having our main focus on fun and cooperation to achieve a maximum game experience!In order to make our guild a functional and friendly society we have created the following rules to ensure that no problems will occure with any of our players or with the guild administration (me and my officers Smile).Plz read those rules carefully and for any questions you can contact Steelhoof or Hamada in game.
NOTICE that in order to join our guild you have to accept all the rules and ofc not brake them in any way .After having many insidents over time we will be strict on their usage.

Horde's Golden Guards Rules :

1)All members are obliged to treat fellow guild members with respect.Offensive language against other players will result in banning from our guild.Especially remarks or comments reffering to someone's origin,sexual orientation,skin color, nationality, sex etc will not be tolerated.

2)All members have the right to use guild bank.You can send your items to the characters hggbanksteel and hggbankdruk.To get more information about guild bank you should check the bank section in our website (it includes very important information).

3)Joining guild groups is ofc something that we encourage.However leaving for no reason or leaving always in the middle of raids will result in the declining of your participation in such raids.We focus a lot on these raids and behaviour like this disencourages other members to join.

4)Trading over guild channel is allowed.Bear in mind though that you do not sell this stuff to strangers so you should avoid using wts , wtb etc.You may ask in a friendly way if any1 needs it (we do not like giving advices like this but sometimes ppl's behaviour is incredible).You should try asking in guild chat first before putting on ah as some of your fellow guildmates might need it (in this case you could make a friendly price).

5)In order to join our end-game runs you will have to fullfill the requirements as they are stated in the section of the forum for end-game.Although the organisors wont be firm on their usage for the moment , in the near future and in higher class instances they will be obligatory.

6)Our guild members may also invite their alts into the guild.As this rules are renewed now we accept all alts whatever lvl they are.However we encourage our players lvling first their main and after start playing with other characters.

7)Guild ranks are:
-no speak:members punished with no participation in guild chat (for some time)
-Recruit:very low lvls and for inactive ppl (before kicking them completely after 3 weeks of not playing)
-guard:20-30 for alts
-elite guard:20-30 for alts
-golden guard:lvl 30-40
-head of defence:40-70
-Raider of the Horde:For members obliged to participate in each and every end-game raid (after their consensus)
-defence advisor:this rank is awarded for special contribution to guild.This rank is the officer rank so ppl that posses it have increased authority.
-Commander:Co-leaders of the guild.Maximum number of commanders is 5 although the rank is hardly ever awarded
-GM :your beloved guild master (and also the ultimate master Smile )

Our lvl cap is now lvl 60+ after the decision of the council of officers !

8)Lending money to guild members is something we encourage but still you should always be sure you trust the person you lend money too.As the guild has so many members that its impossible to know them all you shouldnt make hasty decisions when it comes to lending your money to some1.Members that reach lvl 40 can ask for the posting of a message of day asking ppl to contribute for the buying of a mount (money still has to be returned ofc).

9)Of course members arent forced to join guild events( we realise that this game is about having fun and not forcing any1 to do anything).However it would be nice joining such events as they give the opportunity to know guild members better.Never joining would be considered as lack of interest for the guild and could cause members to dislike you (we always want ppl to get along with eachother! Smile ).So plz try coming whenever you can jocolor

10)Not coming online for more than 3weeks will result in the removal from guild.However this period can be extended after a members request (if he goes on vacation, bussiness trip, or has family obligations).This measure is to ensure that we have active guild members (we are strict and firm on this issue.since creation of guild more than 100members have been kicked for this reason).

11)Members need to register in this forum as well as have a look in it now and then for usefull information.Many times we post stuff regarding guild management.And ofc you are all welcomed to express your opinions on every matter concerning wow (or even other things) Smile !

12)As according to end-game rules you need blue or better equipment to join, you may request runs in instances like ubrs,lbrs,strat,scholo in order to improve your gear and participate in higher lvl instances.This is why we require the GEM add-0n as all our runs will be organised there.You should have a look at forum chapter:required add-ons as there you will find all the add-ons we require from you.

13)We will not tolerate members that ninja loot in raids.These ppl will be removed from guild immediately as they do not express the team spirit of our guild.

14)Begging of any member and at any place will result in severe punishment, kicking, or even reporting to a GM.Ofc you may ask fellow guild members for help if needed but begging for money isnt allowed, especially because we focus on achieving things and not getting them from others.

15)Any action insulting the guild, demoting it in front of others or creating a bad image about us or our efforts wont be tolerated...Also we require our members to have a good reputation (bad rumors will be investigated )

Punishable deeds :
We want to stress out that punishment is our last choise but some times it is needed in order to secure the well being of our guild.
Our justice system is the following:
When an officer believes a member has taken some action that is against our rules and the guild's policy he will warn him.Repeating the same action or any other action against rules will result in a second warning.If this guild member keeps braking our sacred rules (some guys are really stuborn) then officers will vote on the permanent removal of the guild.If 3 or more officers agree then the person will be removed.Officer counsil decisions are final and can only be questioned by the GM.For less important issues a guild member might be demoted for a specific time period or permanently.

Officers have the obligation to be just and not judge according to who they like.They always have to stick to the above mentioned rules.If you see any officer getting unfair or not behaving according to our rules, then you just have to inform the GM and I will have a look in your case.

Thats all lol! .We hope we you enjoy your time in hgg.For any complaints dont hesitate to post in the chapter of forum with header :complaints .For any question reguarding the rules or anything else, you may ask here in forum or even in game .Ty for your time

PS:If you want a rule to be added you can request it here or in game and it will be discussed in the next officer meeting (proposing things is something good as it allows us to get even better).
With great respect,

Steelhoof, High executor of HGG , god of mother earth and leader of the druid clan Smile

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Horde's Golden Guards Rules
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