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 Horde's Golden Guards Bank

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PostSubject: Horde's Golden Guards Bank   Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:19 am

After discussions myself and Steel have decided that the guild could benfit from an item bank. The bank can be used by all members to get hold of items cheaper than currently on the auction house. The bank works in the following way:-

Before selling items to a vendor consider if these items would be usefull to your fellow guild members, while items may not be usefull to your proffessions they may be used by one of your guild members professions, they in turn may come across items that they have no use for but may be usefull to you.
To start with, the bank will accept all WHITE items, these are items used by Leatherworkers, Tailors, Enchanters etc to make another item. These can range from leather, ore to things like feathers etc.

How this works....

1.Firstly check with a vendor for the price of the item you would get if you sold it to them.
2. Sent this item, COD (cash on Delivery) to Hggbankdruk.
3. I will accept the COD charge and put the item in the bank.

To access items from the bank....
1. Place a request when I'm online, I will check the bank at the earliest time and respond to you.
2. I will post in the forum from time to time the contents of the bank so everyone can see what is available.

The cost of items from the bank....
Since the money to cover the COD charge has to come from somewhere (to start I have put 5g in the bank) the items you request from it will cost you between a third and half that of the lowest aution house buyout price, or if this is lower than the vendor price, the vendor price.

1. This bank is being operated to help everyone, if we find that a member is buying items to sell on the ah or in order to make equipement that they intend to sell on the ah they may be removed from the guild at Steelhoofs discretion.
2. Any money made made in the long term by the guild bank will be used to fund competitions between members, for example, first member to a set lvl etc.

Last Note......
1. Its not the intention of this bank to stop you from selling your items to a vendor if you need the cash quickly for something (we all know that those must have items appear on the ah every now and again and you've got to raise the cash quickly).
2. Nor do we stop you from selling these items yourself on the ah if you can see that you can get more for them, just bear in mind that the more items we get in the bank, the more chance you'll be able to find something you need, cheaply, at a later point.

Any questions please post or send while I'm online.

If you need the cash quickly,ofc vendor the item...... have fun.

For the moment there are 2 banks: hggbankdruk and hggbanksteel

Steelhoof, High executor of HGG , god of mother earth and leader of the druid clan Smile
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Horde's Golden Guards Bank
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