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 Mage Talent [re]

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PostSubject: Mage Talent [re]   Wed Mar 14, 2007 2:44 am

i know i allredy posted this post before, but I WNAT AWNSERS!! and since we have renewede our forums....here goes.

just wanted to show what my talent as a mage is, and would like to hear what u have as talents.

this one is best(i thing) for PVE as lvl60

and this is for lvl70

or this. [


i dont wanna waist my talents on frost, couse it makes no dmg, i know its cheap on mana, but with Arcane as talets u have more mana, and make up for the lost mana, by using fire spells (atm i have, with buffs, 10780mana)

so its a good combo for all types of playing, PVP, PVE and questing,
so basicly u have:
more mana.
higher DPS (u dont crit that much, so dps is more impotaint that crits)
more armor
+ evry 3min u get an instant cast ( means u can i 7 sek can cast 2 pyroballs)

but if u wanna go for the elemental mage(frost) it should look like this:

well i cant say that Frost is TAHT bad, i have VERY good "CC" (Crowd Control)

but thats only for questing, in pve'ing, u dont need fast frostbolts, u need fast dps, and about the slowing frost bolt u can make as a forst mage. that u can do with arcane spect 40 T-point spent.

but let me know if u have something thats better or want to ask me something

peace out afro


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Mage Talent [re]
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