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PostSubject: Application   Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:01 am

-Name: Sasull.

-Age: 33.

-Class: Troll / Rogue.

-Current Level: 70.

-Professions (Any special recipies?): Leatherworker(351)/Skinner (375)
Have a few specials.

-Current Spec: 29/32/0.

-Willing to respec?: Depends on why.

-Typical Weekly Playtime: 40+ Hours.

-Teamspeak? Yes/No: Yes

-Speaks / Writes english: Fluent

-Experience with any Hgg member?: Yes knows a lot in Hgg.(all the
Former members of Danish Exiles.)

-Previous Guilds: Danish Exiles.(too few high lvls.)
-Reason you left previous guilds?:Vae Victis.(never enough online.)
The Outsiders.(got kicked because
my arena rating was low.)

-Where did you hear about HGG?: Played WOW for almost a year.

-What are you looking to find in HGG?:A good guild with nice friendly ppl,
and good leadership and a good pve

- What qualities do you think you have that would make you an asset for the guild?: I think u will find me willing to do almost anything, and i am a
Combatassasination rogue with many hp. 9000+, and i try to
be nice and friendly.

- Do you got any green items? Yes 6 items check armory.

- What experience do you have in wow (how long are you playing?): i play
almost 6 hours a day.

- Do u have experience in raid-instances of lvl 60 or higher?: Yes ZG.

- Attunement to which end-game instances?: Not yet but trying as quick
as possible.

- Are you willing to download the needed add-ons?: Yes.

- Have u read our guild and raid rules and do u agree with them? Yes/No:
yes i do aggree.

- Our raid days are Sunday 18:30-00:00 (tops ) and Wednesday same you able to be online on those times?: OFC.

- Do you have any open applications with other guilds?: Not any open no.

- Anything esle you would like us to know about you?: No but feel free to
ask me anything.
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