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 Hope you will understand me correctly )

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PostSubject: Hope you will understand me correctly )   Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:42 pm

- Name :
- Age :
- Class :
- Current Level:
- Professions (Any special recipies?) :
- Current Spec :
- Willing to respec? :
affliction or maybe destro when 70 for pvp'ing
- Typical Weekly Playtime :
wednesday, friday,sunday evenings + when suddenly free-time )
- Teamspeak? Yes/No:
- Speaks / Writes english (poor, so-so , fluent) :
hope that fluent but seems like so-so probably )
- Experience with any Hgg member(friends in-game or real life)?:
some in-game contacts (Druk, Miirithan, some russian guys)
- Previous Guilds :
- Reason you left previous guild? :
i leaved mts because of 3 weeks non-played (had a mess on work/studing) and im stuck of crappy guild i entered then (no new experience communicating with ppl in my current guild)
-Where did you hear about HGG? :
i see u everywhere )
- What are you looking to find in HGG ? :
As i said im PVP addicted so i just wna find some communication in a friendlly atmosphere with experienced ppl. Raids r on 2nd place for me so i could help in raid if needed but ill never try to get loot that your old members could get.
- What qualities do you think you have that would make you an asset for the guild?
Warlock is my 2nd 60+ char (1st was mage) so i know pretty much about this classes.
- Do u have experience in raid-instances of lvl 60 or higher? :
Not much-i worked on my warlord set )) my previous guild farmed ZG though
- Attunement to which end-game instances ?
All except Naxx(BC announced 1st ))
- Are you willing to download the needed add-ons ? :
- Have u read our guild and raid rules and do u agree with them? Yes/No:
- Our raid days are Sunday 18:30-00:00 (tops ) and Wednesday same you able to be online on those times ?
- Do you have any open applications with other guilds ? :
- Anything esle you would like us to know about you ? :
I hope you will understand my situation and the answer will be positive )
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Hope you will understand me correctly )
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