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 Step by step application guide!

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PostSubject: Step by step application guide!   Sun Feb 25, 2007 9:31 am

We accept players only after a online application has been made (wisperinh wont get you invited in any case).If your english isnt good at all (sucks) dont even bother filling the following application.Atm we ONLY ACCEPT healer classes , mages and rogues lvl 60+.However if you think you would be an asset to this guild give it a change and we might accept you!

Take your time filling this application.If we dont see all the questions answered we will just DISREGARD you application.Do your best and impress us and dont answer with a yes or no if you really want to have a chance being accepted.We do NOT want players that do this as a joke!

Although we dont have an age limit we require our members to be mature when it matters and responsible for their actions!

1)Open this guide (obvious lol)...Then select the following questions right click and copy them ...

Quote :

- Name :

- Age :

- Class :

- Current Level:

- Professions (Any special recipies?) :

- Current Spec :

- Willing to respec? :

- Typical Weekly Playtime :

- Teamspeak? Yes/No:

- Speaks / Writes english (poor, so-so , fluent) :

- Experience with any Hgg member(friends in-game or real life)?:

- Previous Guilds :

- Reason you left previous guild? :

-Where did you hear about HGG? :

- What are you looking to find in HGG ? :

- What qualities do you think you have that would make you an asset for the guild?

- Do you got any green items ?

- What experience do you have in wow (how long are you playing ? )

- Do u have experience in raid-instances of lvl 60 or higher? :

- Attunement to which end-game instances ?

- Are you willing to download the needed add-ons ? :

- Have u read our guild and raid rules and do u agree with them? Yes/No:

- Our raid days are Sunday 18:30-00:00 (tops ) and Wednesday same time.Are you able to be online on those times ?

- Do you have any open applications with other guilds ? :

- Anything esle you would like us to know about you ? :

2)After, go to the previous page and press the button ''new post'' ),

3)Now paste the text you coppied before and answer all questions...

4)After answering all questions (make sure you write your name correctly) press the button ''send'',

5)Congratulations your application has being send...Now all you have to do is wait for a reply!You will find out about your application's luck only in here and not in-game so dont attempt wispering Very Happy !

Steelhoof, High executor of HGG , god of mother earth and leader of the druid clan Smile
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Step by step application guide!
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