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 Healing macros

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PostSubject: Healing macros   Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:16 am

Hiya, buddies.

I wanna know more about what kinda healing macros all you healers (we do have healers, right?) out there use. I'm always up for more efficiency (= better results with fewer clicks and hotkeys), so do the lowbie druid a big favor and share your imba tactics and insider info.

But hey, I'm a nice cow, so I wouldn't ask for leftovers before already giving something in return! This is a general healing macro that I use for all my healing spells and decursing spells.

Teh macro

/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Healing Touch;

And variations would be (note that these are just druid skills, just replace the spell name with your class' healing spells):

/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Rejuvenation;
/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Abolish Poison;

...and so forth.


Example: I have Healing Touch macro on hotkey 1. I simply take my mouse cursor on top of a target's unitframe, and press "1" to start casting.

With heal over time -spells it becomes even easier. As Rejuvenation is an instant cast, I simply mouseover all the targets that need a heal, and spam away with the hotkey. Once the key is hit and the spell is cast, move the mouse over the next target, and repeat.

This is highly lovely, if you're a "combat medic" as I am. You can keep on beating that mob for the whole healing process, as with these macros you do not lose your current target while casting those heals on teammates.

Why is this macro so useful?

Simply: no other targeting & casting method is this fast (theoretically), and even if you'd have to change targets between casts, you would still need only one keypress per target.

Other than this, you would have to (depending on if automatic selfcast is enabled or not) click / press once to get a target, then click / press once to execute a spell. While targeting can be done during the global cooldown, those with automatic selcast disabled will notice that they have to execute spells before targeting, but execution will not work during the global cooldown - this may, in some cases, mean that you effectively lose a good second or even more between casts.


After discovering these macros I never ever missed DeCursive again. Simply hotkey your decurse spell macros (in my case Abolish Poison and Remove Curse), target with mouseovers, and blast away. While we druids (and some other classes, too) require two macros as we have two decursing spells, paladins for example would only need one, as their Cleanse does it all.

This practically means that we're back to the single-click-decursing as with DeCursive. Only difference is that targeting must be done manually, but the mouseover targeting makes this very easy. Also remember to get unitframes that apply colours on debuffed teammates, that makes debuff monitoring a real child's play.

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Healing macros
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