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 New raid rules !!!

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PostSubject: New raid rules !!!   Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:15 am

To enchance our end-game performance we decided to create new raid rules...Less tolerance towards ppl that dont care for the whole effort of our guild showing therefore disrespect to the time we use up to complete the runs!!!

1)Raid changes will be reported in our main site under 'raid planning' .If you wish to join the raid you will have to apply there !

2)Applying for a raid and not showing will result in a warning...2 warnings will result in a kick.

3)During raids participants have to listen to the raid leader at ALL times.If you dont you get a warning and with 2 of them you are out of the raid. (If that happens in 2 raids there will be serious consequences).Note that if you have any question about something you didnt understand during the explaining of the tactic you have to ask that question before the starting and not after a possible failure...

4)Leaving during a raid will result in loosing half dkp and this will not be tolerated if you do it every time...If you arent sure you can stay for whole raid dont join especially if you are a class that we have a lot of ppl that would like to come (warrior for example)

5)Every class or group of classes will have its leader in raids ...For each class there will be a chat channel in which each class leader will explain to ppl exactly what they got to do...For example the leader of healers will explain will assign healers and decide who is doing what.Each class leader is responsible for his groups results...Class leaders will be announced shortly!

6)Participants are required to have teamspeak.You dont need to have a microphone to use it.However we want players to use it as it helps the better organisation of the raids...We will choose players with teamspeak over those that dont have it!

7)The days off the raids are set and wont change for any reason (Sunday at 18:30 and wednesday same time).

Its better to try and fail than not try at all but most important is to avoid mistakes due to lack of understanding or listening...It ok if you make 1 mistake but if you do it cause you didnt pay attention while explaining you will be having problems.

Steelhoof, High executor of HGG , god of mother earth and leader of the druid clan Smile
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PostSubject: Re: New raid rules !!!   Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:32 am


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New raid rules !!!
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