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 can't get in

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Defence Advisor
Defence Advisor

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PostSubject: can't get in   Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:39 am

what the heck is going on I can't get in its after 11:30 in paris and i want to play I need to get some agression out by making mobs suffer is anyone else having any other problems let me know cherry
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Head of Defence
Head of Defence

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PostSubject: Re: can't get in   Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:49 am

I can't get in either

but because the patch seems to be screwed up for me Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

it gets to a certain point and then stops, gives an error message and i can't do anything about it Sad

i've tried the repair function 5 times now, still nothing....

this is the error i get btw:

The patch "AhnQiraj_30_48.adt" could not be applied. (CRC mismatch: expected 0xc3a37ce6, actual 0x5ded2b96.) If this problem persists, you may be able to solve it by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If you are unable to correct this problem, please contact Blizzard Technical Support. (BNUpdate::PTCApply)
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can't get in
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