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 Warlock itemisation.

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PostSubject: Warlock itemisation.   Fri Dec 15, 2006 4:09 pm

For doing dps on bosses warlocks use their dots and shadow bolts. The only stat dots benefit from is +damage items. Shadow bolts benefit from +crit +damage and int(tiny +crit from +int).

So stats warlock should be aiming to get on items for raiding are, in order of importance:
1. + damage (the more the better)
2. +int + stam ( same thing for warlocks 1int = 1stam with life tap)

Now easy items to get with + damage are pvp wsg rings, neck from zandalar tribe for gaining rep from doing ZG ( friendly grants +10 damage), cloak from zg( I want that cloak so no-one else need or i'll never get!! damn you steel and gg who both have this cloak) or there is one from hinterlands quest.

All the warlock pvp items have +damage so if you enjoy pvp i recommend grinding the honor for the dagger and book then working your way through the hwl set.

If you prefer dungeon crawling then make sure you roll need on all + damage and healing items or + shadow damage items that come up I have several from ubrs so ask in guild to arrange runs there.
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Warlock itemisation.
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