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 How to heal in RAID

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PostSubject: How to heal in RAID   Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:42 am

Raid healing

There are a few different parts to raid healing so Iíll break it down a bit.

We canít keep everyone alive all the time, so we have to prioritise. In general your healing priority should look like this Ė
Main Tank (and OT )
Other Healers

Now this is very situation specific and depends on your assignment, for example you might be assigned to a hunter on Hakkar because heís pulling the sons so must stay alive, or you might be healing AEing Mages in which case you ignore the tanks totally.

One thing that never changes, no matter the situation, is that the most critically important person for you to keep alive is YOU. A dead healer can not heal, a dead healer does not regenerate, a dead healer can not use their full bar of mana. Even if you have to use 80% of your mana in a fight to keep yourself alive, thatís 20% more of your mana going on heals than there would be if you were dead.

Spells to cast, when and how for general raiding

What spell to use is mostly covered above but not when or how. The main spell you will use is your 2k greater heal and the main method will be cast/cancel. What this means is this. Letís take a simple fight such as snake boss where you have all the healers cross healing the Main tank, you have nothing else to worry about. An important note here is that the 5 second rule kicks in at the end of a spell cast, not at the start. What you should be doing is casting greater heal and during the cast time, judging the tanks health against your cast. If the tanks health is full and you are half way through casting, tap a direction key to move slightly or hit escape, this will cancel your spell. (Careful with escape, hit it twice and you lose your target). Then cast GH again straight away, again as your spell is getting close to finishing, if the tank is near full health cancel it. If the tank needs the heal then keep it going, the thing to look out for then is someone elses heal landing, thus taking the tank to full health at the last minute, if this happens try to cancel your spell, sometimes it wonít cancel and you over heal, thatís just how it goes.
This method takes some getting used to, judging when to cancel and when not to and watching out for those last moment heals from others. What bar you look at is up to you, your target bar, ctra bar or the client raid bars. I personally donít use the target bar because while youíre looking up there, you probably canít see anyone else in the raid and there are usually other people to watch as well.
The other thing to judge in a boss fight is your mana bar. You should roughly balance your mana against the fight and situation. In simple terms, as the boss goes down so should your mana bar. In more complicated and accurate terms, if you are for example healing a tank on the first phase of tiger boss, you just need to balance your mana bar against how the raid is doing vs the 3 bosses, think of all their health as 1 bar, so if theyíve dpsíd thekal down and are just moving to the rogue, they are just under half way through the phase, so you will need to be on about half mana, if youíve got lots more you can afford to over heal a bit to make sure your tank stats up. If you have less you need to back off a bit, use a potion, ask for manatide or call it so someone can help you. One golden rule is your Mana bar should never be full unless everyone on the raid is full health. If your mana is full, you canít regen any more, so youíre wasting mana, instead you could have thrown a renew on any random who needed it and regenerate that mana back. After the first 10 seconds of a fight you should never be full mana. Small exceptions might be the AE healers on bat fight, they regen between bat rounds, but even then if youíre full and confident you wonít lose your focus, you can go heal a random or renew the tank and come back when bats are called

AE Healing

This is probably the toughest kind of healing to get the hang of because itís a change of mindset. 99% of healing is reactive, meaning someone takes damage, you react to it and heal them. AE healing works best and sometimes only works if you are proactive. If you wait for the mage to take damage, heís already dead.
Usually you will get a warning, either you know when the pull is going to happen, or you get a ctra raid warning (like for bats on bat boss), or someone is calling in vent. Use this warning to put a renew up, either on your specific mage or on all of them if you can, or the first 1 or 2 in the rotation if the mages are using one. This means once they are taking damage, theyíre already getting heals from renew that doesnít cost you any cast time, because youíve already cast it.
The next part is personal preference between two methods. You can cast flash heals as soon as you see any damage or think they might be taking damage, throwing in a shield for a quick heal if your flashís canít keep up with the damage. Or you can cast greater heals before they take any damage (if theyíre already hurt itís too late, you have to flash), as usual you can cancel if thereís no damage taken, but if theyíve taken any at all, let it land, because once they start taking damage they usually keep taking it and a lot, because if they agro 1 mob they agro them all.

Random healing

When healing randoms, spider boss is a good example because we have to heal the randoms, in general a low rank greater heal is the best option. As usual do not use flash unless theyíre going to die in under 3 seconds. Renew is the alternative but when throwing random renews you have to check if they already have a renew active, two people throwing renew on the same person means 1 person wastes their mana. Also if you are not healing spec, itís better to let someone who is do renew because they get a lot more healing per tick from them.

Tank switches

At various times in fights there will be tank switching going on, where a boss or other hard hitting mob is changing target from one tank to another. This might be because the MT has died, it might be forced because of a boss ability like the spider boss webbing or the rogue at tiger boss gouging, or it might be optional like the raptor tanks switching after a few sunders.
In any of these situations it takes a moment to realise whatís happening, and a moment to retarget the new tank and get a heal going. At these times, mana efficiency is a lower priority than keeping the tank alive. At these times itís important that you do what you have to to keep your tank alive. If that means you have to throw a shield and a flash heal while you wait for someone else to land a heal then do it. Itís better to blow some mana than to lose the tank because often in these situations we donít have tanks to spare.

Pair healing

Quite often healing will be broken down to specific assignments, tiger boss is a good example of this. in this situation you will be paired (or maybe 3 or 4, the idea is the same) with another healer and between you youíll need to do a job, usually this will be keep a tank alive, but it might be random healing while others deal with the tanks, it might be dispelling or whatever.
Now you can just do what you like and now and then see your partner healing, but what you should be doing is talking to them, discussing what youíre going to do. For example, if youíre with another priest, are either of you going to renew? Decide who is going to do it so youíve got the best person on it and the other can forget it. Will you use shield? Again decide who based on your talent spec. If youíre with a shaman, will you do hots and shields and if necessary flash while he concentrates on big heals? Talking is good. The other thing to do is balance your mana with your partner. The two of you should run out of mana at about the same time, so if youíre lower than your partner back off a little, if youíre higher heal more and expect him to back off.

Raid Bars

This is another personal choice thing, but there are some points in here that will help everyone. Clearly as a healer you need to have the raid bars for every group in the raid visible so you can see everyoneís health bar. You can use the in client bars or the ctra bars, your preference. The ctra bars you can set up to show various options such as health as numbers, percentage or remove the numbers so you can just see the bar.
You should also at the least have the warrior group visible as well, so you have a separate bar with just the warriors on, this is the single best way to improve your monitoring of the tanks and to help make healing on tank switches faster. The bar with the tanks should be somewhere prominent so you can have your mouse hovered over them and your fingers ready on the heal keys.
I personally also pull a separate group for mages for AE healing and because they require quick reactions to save if they get agro. Sometimes I pull warlocks too if weíre low on mages.
Mainly as priest leader, but also for general information I also pull the priests, shamen and druids and put them to one side somewhere, this is for information rather than healing them, I can quickly see the health and mana of all the raid healers. This is why I often call for someone to heal more if they have lots of mana, or to heal themselves more if theyíre going too low on health. I am watching you!

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PostSubject: Re: How to heal in RAID   Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:21 am

If a healer have to heal himself in raid means that someone didnt do his job.
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PostSubject: some thoughts..   Wed Dec 06, 2006 8:52 am

I am not expert healer and i am learning and trying different styles and talent builds but i will put some toughts based on my experience:
There are generally to types healing stile:
1. slow heals ( which get the full benefit from +heal gear) and HOT
2. small but mana efficient heals ( lower rangs ) and HOT (healing over time) and fast "emergency" heal/shield

The first style should apply Big and slow heals and try to rest out of 5sek rule to get a regen from spirit gear.

The second relay on small mana efficient heals and +mana regen gear.

I think there should be the both types healing in raid to be efficent - big heals and small heals filling the gaps.
I personally like the second style ( at this moment) and i leave the big heals to our fellows druids who are doing this just fine.
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PostSubject: Re: How to heal in RAID   

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How to heal in RAID
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