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 Stupid Game Card

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PostSubject: Stupid Game Card   Wed Nov 29, 2006 9:22 am

The worst thing ever happened! My subscripsion card ended ....CRYYYYYY.I will try buying a new 1 tommorow otherwise you will have to wait to see me again until friday Sad .So now i have a lot of free time and i can finally rewrite our rules .OMG thats boring

Steelhoof, High executor of HGG , god of mother earth and leader of the druid clan Smile
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PostSubject: steel u can use this   Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:10 am

Guild Rules

HGG is about playing World of Warcraft and having fun with friends and family. We try to make our casual and hardcore gamers all feel at home and provide them what they need, be it friendship, nightly Raids, a fun and lively guild chat, advice or just a hand when they are stuck on some quests.

HGG members value honor, integrity and respect between our members and other people in WoW. Our members also tend to be older and more mature gamers, yet still carefree and fun. In order to help keep this guild functioning properly, we have developed a simple Code of Conduct that all members should be familiar with.

Personal Conflicts between Members:
If you have a Personal Conflict with another member, try and be reasonable about it and work it out. Contact an Officer (See list in Guild Info for a list) if you need help. We do NOT want people blowing things up over misunderstandings and such, please be reasonable, fair and friendly. Misunderstandings happen.

Guild Chat Etiquette:
We would strongly suggest that members avoid Political, Religious and Sexual topics in Guild Chat. These topics are just too emotional and problems always seem to result. Other than that, we just want people to be mature and have fun. All members should keep in mind that being overly "critical" towards other members can also cause issues in Guild Chat, so being discreate or "thinking before you post" saves us many an issue.

No Idiots:
This basically means we are not going to allow or tolerate "kewl dood" type behaviour in our Guild. People who enjoy flaming other people, acting like jerks, harassing people, being stupid, stealing, griefing, etc, will simply be kicked out of our guild.

No Harassment:
Harassing other people in game (in or out of our guild) is not allowed.

No Griefing:
HGG Members do not grief other members. On the flip side, we do not have to sit on our ass and allow other people to screw with us either.

No Thieves or Ninja Looting:
Thieves and Ninja Looters will be kicked out of our Guild if sufficient proof is provided to back up accusations.

Due to everybody having mixed feelings on Profanity, please try and keep it to a minimum on the Guild Chats. We realize that slips happen but please try to watch it out of respect for children and those who dislike profanity. On the flip side, people who do not like profanity should turn on the profanity filter as that is what it is there for.

Blizzards COC:
We honor Blizzard's Code of Conduct, which means that we do not promote Exploiting and such.

Rolling NEED on Items:
We do not want to see people rolling NEED on an item and then go sell it (unless the group has no issue with it of course). Please see our suggested Looting Code of Conduct in the Guild Member Starter Guide for more info.
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PostSubject: very bad colors   Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:22 am

very very bad interface ..... try to change colors pls
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PostSubject: Re: Stupid Game Card   

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Stupid Game Card
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